Legal Alliance Wales

Legal Alliance Wales is a directory of Solicitors and Law Firms in North Wales and bordering counties, along with Mid and South Wales. 

The listings of all Legal Firms in your area help you find professional advice when you need it most.  We have an active news section along with easy to understand articles to help you with common legal problems.

Personal Injury

Personal injury solicitors make it possible for client's to claim compensation for injuries sustained in a public place or in a place of work.


Help in matters of employment law for either employees or employers, the professional solicitors listed are ready to assist.


Commercial solicitors assist businesses navigate the complicated and wide ranging area of commercial law.


Divorce is a complicated and emotional event, having a professional guiding you through the process is essential.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is free or discounted legal help provided by the government for those in need of legal advice or representation, but cannot afford it.

Wills & Probates

Solicitor's can help make a new will or make changes on the existing one, also providing services to protect your family and estate.

Our Area

LegalAlliance.Wales is not a Solicitor or Law Firm.  Its simply a directory of businesses in the legal sector. 

LegalAlliance.Wales cannot provide any form of legal advice – see a professional in your area.